The talk:

Elceta Marsha Ennis will talk about her experiences as a Lesbian Mother of Colour in Germany, and the issues she’s faced and is currently facing. She also shares what it is like living as an openly Lesbian Mother in Jamaica

About the speaker:

Elceta Marsha Ennis (Aries among peers) was born in Kingston, Jamaica in April 1982. She is a proud lesbian mother to an amazing 15 year old. She has been openly lesbian for 14 years now and has always been an activist for women and lesbian rights and visibilty.

She came to Germany in June 2017 and made her asylum claim immediately after landing. Three months later her claim was denied. She appealed within the required period of seven days. Now she is awaiting her appeal proceedings. Since coming to Germany she’s been active in queer feminist groups. She wants to bring more visibilty to Lesbian Mothers of Colour as she’s been asked for a million times alone in the last year: „How can you be a Lesbian if you have a child?!“.