Non-binary on the spectrum – Studying with disabilities and the normalisation of institutional discrimination

Just like with gender, speaking of autism as a spectrum allows for a much more diverse, understanding and inclusive perspective on how different individuals are. Being a minority implies challenging the status quo and comfort of privileged people in power just by existing and deviating from what is declared as the norm. There are great overlaps in the intersections of gender and disability, especially when talking about mental health. This lecture aims to tackle the manufactured consent of ostracizing vulnerable groups through tactics such as logical fallacies , dismissing legitimate concerns as „being offended“ , change being unrealistic / too much effort for just a couple of people or justifying inaction / active discrimination by stating that „intentions are what matters“. Parallels between the life experience as a non-binary person and a person with disabilities will be drawn without invalidating either of them and the main focus will be the discrepancy between the supposed rights people have and what actually is practised in the academic field as well as how the current system very easily enables this institutional discrimination without any consequences.



Sam (she/they) is a non-binary PoC on the spectrum studying artificial intelligence. Their political work focuses mostly on diversity, inclusion and mental health by speaking truth to power and the manufactured consent of systemic oppression to demand justice and equality as well as accountability of those in power.

Dienstag, 02. November 2021, 18-20 Uhr online.
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