AI-Archive 03: Mapping Digital Queer* Mobilizations (Workshop, en)

The workshop discusses (de)colonial representations and self-Orientalism through a multitude of examples facilitating a dialogue on plural identifications. Participants are invited to fetch through digital platforms, online archives, hashtags and datasets in an attempt to re-archive stories of queer* mobilizations at times of uprising. Collective processes of visual assemblage are meant to encourage a digital ethnographic pursuit of plural queer* traces, often silenced by and through normative mediation.

Pre-registration required. No prior design/technical knowledge is needed.
Participants are required to create a free Miro account in advance.

More about Al-Archive:

Al-Archive is a workshop series inviting visual makers and researchers to map key moments in our recent history through the comparison of sources and contexts. The multiple outcomes and perspectives collected are mediated as a ‘subjective archive’. The workshop encourages cross-disciplinary collaborations with journalists, writers, historians and researchers from different disciplines. In its pilot edition hosted by PrintRoom-Rotterdam, the participants re-archived 9/11 using multiple sources. During the second edition, the participants made use of the WORM Pirate Bay multimedia archives and mapped ‘political shame’. The group produced a short movie outcome presented during Rotterdam’s Museum Night 2018. 

Subjective archiving:
A culture is represented through different vehicles. Documentation itself serves as a functional tool for research and an effective way to represent data and trace plural narratives of memories and identifications. In conjunction with mapping and archiving, tools assumed to chronicle history are used as supporting facts to substantiate credibility and truth. However, in most cases, suc tools are highly altered by politics, class and cultural hegemony.

Like bombers and submarines, maps are indispensable instruments of war. In the light of the information they provide, momentous strategic decisions are being made today (Wright, 1942). It is a fact that maps, as well as archives are drawn and assimilated by men and currently generated and maintained by technology. Every work of documentation is a reflection – partly of objective realities and partly of subjective elements that mirror notions of hierarchy. Because of this and like any other form of communication and design, archives hold unparalleled storytelling potential and can help form collective opinion and build public morale without ever being free from political charges.

Every archive is an abstraction, and the ‚designer‘ decides what to exclude and what to include, what is irrelevant and what is important. How can we re-design and re-archive crucial milestones in our recent history? What would a certain key date mean in different contexts and how are specific incidents covered on multiple media platforms and visually diffused to audiences?

Imad Gebrayel is a Lebanese designer, educator, and researcher based in Berlin. He has produced visual and theoretical works around self-Orientalism in Arab* design and co-founded the Queer Arab Barty. Imad is currently teaching at several academic institutions and working on a PhD project at Humboldt University on the negotiations of Arab-Muslim identifications in the context of Sonnenallee, also known as the Arab* street of Berlin.

Copyright and courtesy of Imad Gebrayel

Dienstag, 16. November 2021, 18 – 22 Uhr online.
Los geht es um 18:15 Uhr.

Die Veranstaltung findet in englischer Lautsprache statt, es wird eine Live-Untertitelung in englischer und deutscher Sprache geben.

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